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100 watt sub woofer amp Answered

I'm looking for or to make a 100 watt amp, I can't seem to find any. If you know where i can find one online or a schematic to build one please let me know! Also is it possible to resist or lower the amps from an amplifier or will I have to specifically get a 30 watt amp for the mid range speaker. I am attempting an "led music box on steroids" project hahaha.... basically what I am going to do is make a clear plastic box and put leds and speakers and a 6" sub in it. Kinda bored and looking for a fun project and this came to mind. I'm open to any suggestions to make it better or ideas on how to power the speakers. Thank you in advance!

The sub woofer I'm looking to power

and the mid range speaker

Might think about putting a tweeter in too



You might want to search on "build 100 watt amp". And while you are there, look up how to build speaker cabinets and find out about crossover circuits. Good luck

lol, only problem: This page is the second one in the results for that search... :)