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10v+1.5v Batteries in a 12v Tyco RC AirBlade Answered

I purchased a Tyco RC AirBlade today but later found out that it was missing the battery and battery cover. I don't really know to to calculate resistance and amperage and don't really want to destroy it so I was going to ask here. If I hook up a 10v and a 1.5v in serial, would I be able to power it without breaking. For your information it takes 12v dc. Thanks!

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frollardBest Answer (author)2009-03-26

Any lightweight method of applying 12 volts will do - although mixing battery types is not hugely recommended.

All the airblades I find online 'need battery sold seperately'
Can you get a picture of the battery compartment?

http://ucanhealth.com/local/merchandise/?pid=224797&ptt=Tyco_Pro_Flexpak_Battery_Pack_and_Charger seems to be a universal replacement.

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cornboy3 (author)frollard2009-03-27

Yeah sure, will get a pic when I get home (I am at school)

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chosenangelx (author)cornboy32009-08-10

return it and buy another 1

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