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1/2" PVC inner diameter? Answered

I was looking at all the excellent instructables about marshmallow guns, but I have a concern. I'm Canadian, and it seems to me that the inner diameters of 1/2" PVC pipe in the US is larger than 1/2" PVC in Canada. So, could someone in the know please straighten this out? Is there a difference or not? If so, what would be the appropriate substitute size? Thanks to all.


I'd be more concerned with... Whether the marsh mellows are the same size in Canada... Try taking your marsh mellow, to the hardware store and checking some different tubes... don't forget your alloy's as well.. If memory serves me correctly... The "marsh mellow" guns are under a fair amount of pressure... I don't think a "perfect fit" would be necessary... as long as it's snug it'll fire... ;P

... and take a friend with you to take photos of you explaining your needs to an assistant!

ROFL... You'll notice that I left out the "ask an assistant". So he wouldn't get laughed at.... Although if you caught someone like me.... I'd probably spend half the day re-designing you cannon and pulling all our stock apart to get bits for it... Te he! I love working at a hardware store!... Wierdest moment at work:~ Can I help you there? Lady: I'm after some plastic. thanks Hmmm... just cheap dropsheet's or a heavier grade? Lady: I think I need the heavier grade... Do you mind if I ask what your using it for.... So I can send you in the right direction... Lady: Well it's for my father... Oh , ok what does he need it for? Lady: I need to wrap him in it... You need to wrap him in it?... Lady: Yes, he passed away last week and I need to wrap him in it.... ???.... I politley got her the plastic....I could only assume, she couldn't afford a hardwood coffin... and I believe a pine one needs to be lined..?? Possibly a home buriel?

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Check out mcmaster.com , they have very detailed CAD drawings available for almost every pipe and part you can think of.


10 years ago

For pipe, outer diameter is constatnt (mates to fittings) and inner diameter varies according to 'schedule.' Here's a table: Nominal Pipe size chart
According to that, US and Canada should be the same. I'm not sure about the marshmallows :-) 1/2 inch pipe seems like it would be too small for "large" marshmallows, and too large for "mini" marshmallows, but I'll bow to people who
have actually made the guns... (Hmm. Don't glue the final barrel, and you can interchange different schedule pipes for different effects.)