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123D Design for iOS update out now! Answered

What's new:

* Color! Set colors for your design. Defined colors will appear when the model is opened in 123D Design web and desktop tools.
* Dimensions. Tap on an object to display its measurements.
*Create image snapshots of your design that you can email, share, or save to your image library.
* Contextual menus appear with a long press on parts or on the canvas.
* Insert parts by dragging and dropping to the canvas, or double tap a part to drop it at the origin.
* Lock or unlock objects in the workspace.
* UI improvements and bug fixes.


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Kiteman (author)2013-04-15

Are we going to get the 123D suite for Android?

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andrewt (author)Kiteman2013-04-15

If I had a nickel...

It's coming soon, I promise. Look for some releases in the coming weeks.

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Kiteman (author)andrewt2013-04-15


I'll keep an eye out!

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