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123D Design help, making a maze Quickly Answered

Hey everyone,
I'm new to using 123D Design and need some help to move my project along a bit quicker, and with a lower blood pressure. I need to make a maze that is basically made of Lego bricks; looks similar to a crossword.  I'm using a 20x20 grid of 5mm ^3 blocks. it will be backed by a 100mm^2 by 5mm thick back plate.  Right now I am creating a grid with 5mm blocks and deleting them as needed. I can live with the lag, the problem is even when i merge these there still appears to be a gap between them.

so A:  Any Ideas on how I could make a 2D Vector and stretch it out to the thickness I need?
 and B: If I have to do it like I described any hints on how to merge the blocks without the gap?

Any help would be Appreciated !

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Wired_Mist (author)iceng2014-11-26

Well By definition I geuss you have the "Best Answer" lol

Thnaks for responding !

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Wired_Mist (author)iceng2014-11-21

Thanks for the reply! I need some help using the program rather then making the maze it's self. I managed to fix the problem by adding a 1mm overlap on all intersecting parts. But I still could use some help converting a 2D Vector image to 3D.

But thanks for that maze link, it's a really cool idea I might have to look into :)

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