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12V 10 watt LED light bulb dimmer? Answered

I'd like to make dimmers for the Phillips EnduraLED 10 watt 12V bulbs. Preferably using slider switches. Like the audio industry uses.? I have a need for a total of 12 dimmers for a feature lighting project on my house.


Sorry web/computer,internet(maybe lazy) (maybe 56 yr's. old) challenged. Could you consider fwd'ing those dimmer options. I would be eternally grateful. lj

Sure, but if you click the orange writing in my post, it will open the document for you !


Hey thanks Steve! Man how info is and has been paramount when it comes to expediting the process. My Phillps Model # is: 10GM6DBAAIAA. Order code: 10MR16/END/s15 2700 12V DM. I didn't see my bulb in the visuals on the Phillps link you sent. Also does: Flickering 1 Lamp, 3 Lamps, etc mean quantity of bulbs on a (1) dimmer? Thanks, Lonny

Just got back to project. Thanks for link. Still I wonder is/does "Leading Edge" mean the dimmer is installed on the power supply (house current) side. And then does "Trailing Edge" refer to the dimmer being wired in between the transformer and bulb. I would like to be able to wire the dimmer between the transformer and bulb in order to dim each fixture independently. I should note that I am using a single transformer to power all 12 fixtures. Lonny

PS. I forgot to mention I tried to gather that info from their web-site. No luck. lj

Hi Lonny,

It refers to where in the mains cycle the dimming happens, not where the dimmer is in the circuit. A "LE" dimmer chops the EARLY part of the sine wave, in a TE dimmer, the LATER part of the sine wave is chopped. LE dimmers are suited to inductive loads, TE dimmers are for capacitive loads

Trouble is the EnduraLED are internally regulated to use a very specific current to drive the LEDs properly -- that regulator circuit will cancel out any dimming you apply externally by trying to pull more current - long story short - dimmers will DESTROY these bulbs. You need to get 'dimmable' LED lamps if you want that feature.

Undervolting them (like with a resistor) will blow up the regulator
Current limiting them will blow up the regulator (but might work)

Hey thanks! The Phillips EnduraLEDs I have state that they are dimmable using "leading edge dimmersWhat is a leading edge dimmer? Is a leading edge dimmer wired in between the transformer and the bulb? lj

Then you need a dimmer capable of 'inductive loads' -- most say they are only good for incandescents. If in doubt, look at the price tag - the inductive dimmers are usually more expensive.