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12V DC to 220V AC Answered

i have an emergency lamp with backup battery power. its lamps have gone out. i want to use it to power a router, medai converter and a mobile charger. i have uploaded the specification of my power supply and things i want to run.
please give me a detail way of doing this project and the materials i need, like inverter and other things
My lamp gives 12V DC supply. i want to convert it to 220V AC and run those components. how can i run it and how long can i run


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Orngrimm (author)2014-05-26

Best and savest option is to use a bought inverter like http://www.dx.com/s/12V+Inverter

You could build a inverter on your own, but that would cost decades more and would be very unsave because you are dealing with 220V. Also it would be quite complex...

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