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12x Blu-ray laser built into a Star Trek (TOS) toy phaser, with sound effects! Answered

I know Kipkay did it first, but this is still awesomely awesomeful :-)  I saw this on MAKE's blog; the original posting is from Jay at Hack'N'Mod.  Using a 12x Blu-ray laser (405nm) running at 465 mW, this has enough power to blind you without eye protection.  It's got a front focus with a properly styled ST:TOS nosecone, and two different selectable sound effects.  Jay's writeup is a complete tutorial for building your own.


Wow, considerring how unfocused that was, that was pretty amazing.

It's hard to tell from the video whether it's really that unfocused, or whether the camera saturated. But yeah, it's really amazing!

Yeah that's a good point, it seems that the picture has a smaller point.

...still... it's awesome.