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14.4v Milwaukee cordless drill using 18v battery packs? Answered

Have an excellent drill from Milwaukee with tons of life left but having trouble getting the 14.4v batteries AND getting them to last. Anyone adapted the 18v batteries to a 14.4v tool. Is it possible. I figure it won't come recommended. I just hate to trash this tool.


Sure it is possible, not very practical however. A dc to dc step down chip would do it, but then, you aren't talking much of a step down either. That would at least save the altered voltage from becoming waste heat. If you were converting ac and stepping it down, you could use a transformer. Using resistors will be wasteful however.

Thanks for the reply.
After researching a bit (perhaps I shoulda started that way?) I can probably find similar 14 volt packs or wire up new cells within the old cases.
Would the 3.6 extra volts in the 18v packs damage the drill over the short haul?

It would depend on the motor rating. If it is closely rated at 14.4-15 v. it may. If it has a wider range or higher rating, it might be ok for short spurts. It could also depend on the amperage of the 18 v. coming from the batteries.