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15 World's Biggest Items Answered

No matter what item exists out there, there has to be someone who wants to make the BIGGEST ONE EVER! It's the thrill of holding a world record and just knowing that you have the ultimate form of whatever it is you're obsessing about.

After seeing this list of 15 world records, I feel like I should have a record of my own. What low hanging fruit in the realm of the World's Biggest is out there, just waiting to be claimed?

15 of the World's Largest Objects via Neatorama


OopsTetranitrate......sorry about that....

I have no idea what was going on when I typed that blunder.....

:-) A gross error or mistake, resulting from carelessness, or culpable ignorance.


9 years ago

That giant burger would probably be the easiest to beat... Looks tasty, though!

The Burger actually has been beaten by a german TV Show called "Galileo" last year. Theyr Burger was hugh enough to use a bed for 2 people (if you like round beds, i hate them, how should i know where to face?)

All I can say is this:


Soooooo, I have the Giant Toothbrush, Giant Magnet, Giant Twinkies, Giant Cordless Drill,...

I think this might actually be the world's biggest magnet, at least at the moment.

Each of the copper-striped tubes is a 1 m diameter superconducting coil, 22m long and 5m wide (racetrack shaped). Together the eight coils produce a toroidal magnetic field (the field lines wrap around the inner detector).


ouch, imagine if one of the workers had a pace maker when they turned it on !

imagine having an iron based plate in your head and being too near it when it was turned on XO

hahaha ewww, i wonder if your head would explode or you would just stick to it

depends on the orientation of the plate.....if it was on the near side, the side drawn towards the magnet, then probably not, but if it was on the side of the head away from the magnet, then a possible "quash" sound might be heard.....

But if you happen to be in the exact center of the core, wouldn't only electromagnetic induction heating occur? I think maybe a loud "pop" sound would be more probable.

No, but it's more horrifying to me to think of it happening to another person...

not counting natural magetic bodies like Earth, etc. eh?

I know what you mean, I am just teasing

Oh look ! A snack..... :-)

A Snack?! More like a multi course meal for fifty...

Thats right, a snack... for some of us..

I was joking ;-) but when I was younger, I could probably have taken on nearly 1/4 of that burger.

And eat it within a day? 1/4 of the burger is still quite a lot, about 30 pounds of food...

Well, ok, still I have been known (when younger and could burn it off) to eat nearly 2 large pizza,s with soda, and other things...

The pizzas were cut into 6 slices each, and had 11 slices total that night...

meh ive eaten bigger burgers in my sleep lol

I want the biggest revolver!

I could probably make a bigger burger. It would be expensive, but it's possible.

Wow, that must've been one biiiig cow....

The meat looks a bit burnt... Anyway great link you found fungus amungus! Thanks for sharing, and what record are you planing to claim?

I bet anyone here I could make a better burger... :-D

Oh, I can TOTALLY make a bigger book that that! Why, that's downright puny!