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18 or older Answered

in the contest rules it says you have to be 18 or older. with most of the contest it just says you need a permision slip, so what's going on?


If you win, they will give you a permission slip to have your parents sign. Don't worry, they will send you a PM with all the instructions you need.

Not this time. You can do a collaboration with someone 18 or over and they can claim the prize for you, but there's no permission slip for this one.

Since I'm a UKian, can I collaborate with an over 18 American and get them to claim the prize?

Out of curiosity... what is it about this particular contest that requires 18 or over versus a permission slip? It doesn't change my status - I'm just curious :p

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10 years ago

We try to be as flexible as possible, but the rules are different for each contest. This time the prize winner must actually be 18+. I'd recommend doing a project collaboration with your parent or someone else over 18. They can be the primary prize winner, then share.

Can I have my brother Mike Sowers be a collaborator but still have the project under my name? Or does he have to have the project under his name and me be the collaborator. I have a cool project I would like to enter :)

From the sound of it, it looks as though the "child" would be the "collaborator" mostly.

So as long as we document a collaberator over the age of 18, we are ok? And the prize mailed to the 18+ person?