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1963 Electrohome Cabinet with Garrard at6 record player and amfm radio, how to upgrade speakers ? Answered

I have a 1963 electrohome cabinet with a garrard at6 record player that works and the radio works, although it is not clear. The sound is kind of tin-y and not as clear as i would like. I am thinking of replacing the speakers with something newer, maybe car speakers. Thoughts, tips any information would be great!

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Quercus austrina (author)2018-01-04

1963? My guess is that if the speakers work and don't make "buzzy" or "scratchy" sounds when being played, the amplifier section is most likely the culprit.

Quickest way to test is use a good sounding modern speaker (at least 8 ohm) and just hook up one of the interior speaker wires to that (keeping in mind original orientation for future reference) to see if anything improves. I bet it won't, at least not dramatically.

Due to the unit's age, I'd say that the output capacitors are probably partially dried out and need to be replaced. As a matter of course, most all electrolytic capacitors from back then should be replaced if it hasn't been in regular use, for longevity's sake. That is, if it is Solid State. If it's tube, there's more to consider.


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steveastrouk (author)2017-12-11

Just match the impedance of the original speakers, its usually, 4,8 or 16Ohm.

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seandogue (author)steveastrouk2017-12-13


In addition, some of the "tinny" sound may be due to a worn out stylus (needle)

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Downunder35m (author)2017-12-11

With these old things the speakers are actually really good in terms of sound quality.
Before replacing I would use a different audio source like the record player and check the sound.
Only if the sound is still bad I would investigate further.
Does it look like parts of the enclosure are missing?
Are the wire connection (for all inside) still good? Corrosion is often the main cause for problem on these old devices.

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rickharris (author)2017-12-11

1963, you may find the sound quality is also affected by the speaker enclosures, the amplifier and head on the tine arm.

However you will have To change things to find out :-)

Amazon will provide plenty of speaker options.

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