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1994 toyota 4x4 5speed v6 how do i get to the shifting forks. Answered

1994 toyota 4x4 5speed v6  how do i get to the shifting forks. some times i only have 2nd and sometimes i only have 3rd 4th 5th and reverse and some times it gets stuck between gears. im sure i have to pull the transmission apart  just want  to make sure


I have a similar problem mine is stuck in second gear or in between gears but unlike his mine is firmly stuck

.  I'm no expert, but I have worked on several US-made transmissions and none of them had any adjustment on the forks themselves.
.  Are you sure the forks are the problem? As caarntedd points out, there are usually some adjustments that can be made to the shift linkage that may solve your problem. Doesn't always work, especially if the shifter/linkage is worn out (a good possibility with a 16 year old transmission), but usually MUCH easier to perform than changing shift forks.
.  Adjusting the linkage is a reasonably easy job for a DIY with the proper tools and a manual, but, as per caarntedd, working on the forks and other internal parts is probably best left to the advanced hobbyist or pro.

It may be as simple as taking the boot off the bottom of the gear shifter, and having a look at the top of the gearbox. There are a bunch of linkages and pivots and such there that should be able to be adjusted for free play.You may need to remove the console if you have one to get better access.
If the gear shifter is on the steering column, just follow the path of the linkages from column to gearbox. You should be able to adjust them at each point where they change direction.
If this is no help you will need to remove the box and split it to get at the shift forks. Not a job for a backyard mechanic.

Also check the postings on the right side of this page. The one about popping out of gear is a simple fix that may help.