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1kv to 10kv? Answered

what is the best and/or most simple circuit i can build to convert (300-1000)volts to (6-12)kilo-volts or higher?

NB: the input will be output from camera circuit or mosquito swatter ,ranging (300 - 1000 kv )


If its an AC source, its dead easy with Cockroft-Walton multipliers, but I agree with Rick, this is a dangerous thing for someone not skilled in the art.

Ther isn't an easy answer to this. More worryingly your question suggests you have only a beginners grasp of electricity and electronics, handling 12Kv is going to be problematic.

IF you really need that sort of voltage then look at van de Graff generators or Whimhurst machines - there are some instructables on these - and LOTS on the web in general.