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2 Different dreams in the same place? Answered

I just realized that I had a dream this morning in the same location... twice. By that, I mean (in a gaming sort of fashion) you started playing a game, then halfway through, your mom called you and you had to save your progress. You then resume to your most recent progress in the game and continue playing. It felt something like that, and I can't explain how that happened (also given that I had the first one weeks ago). Out of curiosity, has anyone else experienced such a thing? And if so, what are they called (if at all)?

***It's been a while since I've done anything in Instructables lately.


I don't think it is uncommon. Dreams or nightmares have something to do with resolving problems or experiences during the day. If your first dream was interrupted, and whatever you were trying to do at the time did not put your mind at ease, you probably were still thinking about it and had another dream about it. But you might have to get an "expert" opinion on that, it might just be lazy dreaming or not finding a new place to dream about or it's a favorite kind of place.

I don't know how some train station in who-knows-where which is always dark (complete with receptionists and passengers) has to do with any problem I'm having. Yeah, I guess I'm gonna need some "expert" opinion, somewhere.

I had the same expirience a couple off times.
Really weird to wake up, knowing your dream didnt finish and than going to sleep again while entering from, indeed, some sort of safed dream spot.

Weird, a whole bunch of my dreams take place in a large uninhabited city, and i know exactly what part every time. 0_o