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$2 Dollar Bike lock. Answered

I have recently been searching for a cheap bike lock or a way to make one. Yesterday I went to a garage sale with my friend, what we found there where combination locks for $1 dollar each. I quickly bought one, and then the lady asked what I needed it for. I told her now I just needed to buy some chain and I wouldnt have to sped a lot of money on a bike lock. She out of nowhere handed me the chain and let me have it for $1. Well anyway thats how I acquired it but does anybody know if theese locks can be picked or if the chain can be broken. The chain is in moderatly good condition and is as thick as the stuff used for swings. I dont have a pictrue because my camera needs batteries


Chain can be cut with a hacksaw, or broken with a lump hammer.

Padlocks can usually be cut given enough elbow-grease.

Any combination lock can be cracked given enough time
0000 (no) 0001 (no)...0236 (no)...5836 (click!)

However anything is better than nothing, and an opportunistic thief will take the bike with no lock over the bike with a feeble lock.

Or take the bike with a lock, bring it home, and use a hacksaw on it.

Then take the bike rack home.

Its not that type of lock its like the type of lock on a locker but yes i found out that all locks can be brocken


8 years ago

Unfortunately when the bike thieves come, they come w/ croppers. That $2 lock will last about 2 seconds. Better to use a case-hardened security chain w/ monobloc style bike lock from BikeRegistry. About 35 bucks...

We don't know what you've got for the $ - can you find the same on the internet? L