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2 Wire Servo on 3 wire reviver? Answered

how can i wire a 2 wire servo into a 3 wire receiver I'm talking about the motor type,
The reason i need to do this is because i need to get a cheap RC car on good radio gear


I doubt that it is a servo in the normal sense with 2 wires

A standard RC servo has 3 wires + volt supply - volt supply and the signal wire.

it is NOT a servo it is a DC motor that has gears to make it like a servo ( controlls an arm which turns the wheels )

Then you can't control it with a standard RC receiver.

At best you would need to interface it with a micro processor such as a Picaxe (www.picaxe.com) that can understand the RC output and convert it into a drive signal for the motor.

plenty of options
1 cut out and seat a standard servo in the car and use the tie rods to conect to wheels

or bit more complex open up a standard servo and de solder the motor and take thoes 2 wires to the exsisting motor, but now you have to find a way to conect the pot to the front stering rack to tel the servo its position the pot is the little 3 wire internal veriable resister right up inside

oh and incrorect polarity of motor will result in it continusly turning to one side

You can buy an electronic switch that will plug into your receiver. You could use two of them to alternately turn on your two wire servo to go forward or reverse. It would need to be used on two channels that can't be turned on at the same time or you will just short out your battery for the servo. The servo should have it's own battery.

I don't think there is any way to make it work by just plugging it into the receiver.

Or if you're talking about the drive motor, then you need and electronic speed controller that fits between the receiver and the motor.

You can connect the positive and negative, but servo voltage is pretty low usually, and it won't function properly. That third wire receives PWM from the radio receiver, to tell the servo yoke where it is, and where to go. Without that data, it will probably just twitch.

A 2 wire servo? What color wires? Without the data wire, telling it where to go, and where it's at in rotation, this can't work. Sounds like you need a new servo.