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20 50mm dia x 1m long Cardboard Tubes. Any ideas? Answered

My work has a large format printer, and as a result we have quite a few cardboard tubes lying about. I want to make something with them, but can't think of anything. . . . Its pretty think/sturdy cardboard 3mm thick.


just a thought, you ever seen a Mk. 19 Grenade launcher?? What about a Gatling gun or Vulcan cannon?? make an homage to gmjhowe's works, and voila! you have a (prop model of) the most superfluously awesome and destructive, thousands upon thousands of rounds a minute grenade launcher ever coceived by man.......sure one firing would cost millions, but militaries have taxpayers for that kind of inconvenience. :D

-mail some dauchsands (wiener dogs) -make an airzooka -make a cardboard organ -make a high fiber meal (just kidding) -make armor for some costume -make a new cover for that one cylindrical thing.

  • Cut them to different lengths, clamp them in a frame, and smack the end with a flappy paddle cut from a mouse-mat - fun musical instrument.
  • Use the tubes as small logs and make a child-scale log cabin.
  • Put a pile of them in a dark and damp corner of your garden as a wildlife shelter.

See all these things made of PVC tube as a construction material? (e.g.)
Some of them perhaps?