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20 year old 7 segment 9 digit led display- PLEASE HELP TO FIGURE OUT PART NUMBER AND DATASHEET? Answered

I have a 20 year old 7 segment 9 digit led display, i cannot figure out the part no.
Here's is what is written in the back of it- (NSA 520 DCCB VO 0179-A)
it has 9 digits, a segment below every digit, 7 segment per digit, 18 pin holes


That looks like a matrix connected display. Make a test lead with a 5V PSU and a 150 Ohm series resistor, connect the ground of the supply to another lead, and start poking.

Here's is what is written in the back of it- NSA 520 DCCB VO 0179-A

is that the part number ?


5 years ago

Try the following pin-outs (from an old 9-digit LED calculator display). Note that pin 1 is NC, and the "H" segments are the bars under the digits, in place of decimal points on more typical 7-segment displays.


Looking at http://www.decadecounter.com/vta/articleview?item=467, what you have is likely a similar version- try searching with just NSA-520, that may throw up some results.

If you can't find a datasheet, have a look at some of the other early LED displays on that site and see what sort of currents and voltages are required. It looks as though you have a cathode for each of the 9 digits, and an anode for each of the 7 segments, the d.p. and the bar under the digit. Alternatively, the anodes and cathodes may be swapped.

Without a datasheet, you will likely need at apply a voltage to pairs of pins and see what happens and work out the pinout from that, or see if you can follow any of the tracks on the back of the display.