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.2002 200HP outboard Power Trim/Tilt Problem Answered

I replaced the trim motor last year.  Yesterday I find when pressing the up/down buttons, no response.  All I hear is a clicking coming from both Siemens relays.  Does this clicking indicate that they are both working and breaking the series ground contact like they should.  If yes, what do I look for and check next??   If no, do I just replace both relay's??   Thank you all very much for the help because I need to get back on the water.



Best Answer 8 years ago

THe clicking probably means that the relays are doing what they aresupposed to do.  You need to put a meter on the motors to see ifthey are getting power like the should when you press the button. You need to use a voltmeter and connect to the wires that go into themotor.  If you don't get power when you push the button then thereis something wrong with the wiring before it gets to the motor.  Ifyou get power then there is probably something wrong with the motor.

Thanks very much for the reply.  OKay.  I just checked all thewiring and connections and all look's good.  However, while do so,I found that the
outside of the (NOT SO OLD) new motor case is MAGNETIZED.  Does
this mean that the armature inside the motor is froze?