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2002 Blazer suddenly chokes and turns off? Answered

When Im driving, usually on long trips, my blazer doesn't want to run as if suddenly it got shift to neutral...I have to pull over right away because soon after it will shut down. Other times when Im driving locally...if I turn off the car and want to turn it back on it won't turn on... once its off whether driving on long trips or locally, if i leave it for about a good hr or so, it will turn back on as if nothing was ever wrong...I've changed the fuel pump once and the fuel filter a couple of times...


First, head down to your local auto parts store - most will scan computer codes for free. The computer should report anomalous sensor readings, and the problem may be caused by one of many sensors themselves (Manifold pressure, Mass Airflow, oxygen, temperature, throttle position, and a dozen more). If your auto parts store won't read the codes: on most vehicles, it's fairly easy to get the computer to spit the codes out at you, usually by blinking the check engine light or displaying them on the digital odometer. While you can probably get the information on how to do it from the internet, a Haynes or Chiltons manual will prove to be a good investment for any vehicle you intend to work on. If the computer has no comment on the subject, you'll have to start digging deeper. Your problem seems like it may be heat related. In the past, I had an ignition module fail when it got hot, but worked perfectly when cold. I had another vehicle that would lose power, start sputtering, and eventually stall when it began to overheat. Either problem SHOULD show up as an error code when you pull them from the computer, but it's possible that the computer isn't recognizing these readings as faulty.

Does this model have an electronic ignition module. I had a nisson once that would do the exact same thing. My friend that is a mechanic kept it for two weeks and he couldn't get it to fail. Finally he took a nice long drive to pick up parts and it died on him. There was an engine control module on the distributer that would get hot and fail. He replaced that and I put another 50K on the car. So it sounds like an electrical problem to me.. maybe an ignition coil.

If the fuel filter is okay, then the ignition system possibly, perhaps the main wire coming fro the coil to distributor cap or even the cap and rotor...How long has it been since maintenance was performed on the ignition system? (spark plugs, wires, cap/rotor...& coil check? Finally, I used to have a 91 Blazer that had to have its EGR (Engine Gas Recirculator) valve replaced twice. When the EGR valve becomes plugged or otherwise frozen up, it will cause serious problems in performance.. If left in a bad way for long enough, the oxygen sensor gets damaged and has to be replaced. Can't say for the '02, but who knows....they're no *that much different.