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2011 Toyota corolla wire schematic ? Answered

can anyone help me with this i want to install amp and speakers in front and rear into my stock factory head unit.

Problem 1 : i don't have RCA out pins on stock head unit So i bought SCOSCHE RCA CONVERTER.
Problem 2: I also don't no each wire color coding i mean to say what those different color of wire do

can anybody tell me different  color on my head unit please i attached the head unit photos and RCA converter and my CAR 2011 TOYOTA COROLLA LE


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blkhawk (author)2012-05-14

You should invest in a Chilton's Manual for your car. In the mean time use this downloadable manual. And remember, the internet is your friend. Search before you post.

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jalisvasim (author)blkhawk2012-05-15

thanks for the replay for my quary but the like is not working can you please send me another link

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