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2012 CNC Jamboree Answered

Come join us for the first ever CNC Jamboree.

We will be at Long lake Park Campground in Ohio on September 28th and 29th, 2012

This will be two days of hands on training, cmaping, fishing and fun with a group of skilled woodworkers and CNC hobbyists.  Check out the website for details.


Please feel free to print out the attached poster and post it everywhere you think folks who would enjoy this show gather.  Woodshops, Hobby groups, schools etc.

We would like to make this the best event of its kind this Fall!


Someone asked me what this thing was all about so here goes ...

What is a CNC Jamboree? We started out like a lot of you as hobbyist CNCers and in time became very serious about the craft, art, use and function of CNC equipment. Our goal here at CNC Jamboree is to offer affordable and valuable training to everyone. To share new hardware and software and introduce you to patterns & projects that will blow your mind. We will also share machine demos with that will help you realize what a finely tuned and maintained CNC machine is capable of. The sky is no longer the limit.

What is a CNC Machine? Well you can use all kinds of techno jargon when it comes to this, but we choose to stay away from that and just say it like this. CNC is any device that is controlled by a computer. It could be a router, a laser, and embroidery machine, a long arm quilter (the list really does go on forever) … any number of things fit into this category.

Who can benefit from a CNC Jamboree? Anyone … In today's World CNC has become very affordable to hobbyists, artists, co-ops and small woodworking shops, it is on longer limited to large production facilities. The piece that was missing ... affordable training, we intend to fill that void, our training will appeal to novice as well as expert users. We know that the initial cost can be low and people sometimes get caught up in the excitement of just taking a machine home and they leave it captive in the box (you people know who you are) we intend to empower you with the knowledge required to make worthwhile projects, to set your machine and your imagination free, to feel the power of creativity and unleash it onto the World.

We are getting close to event date ... I am looking forward to meeting all of the attendees and learning from some true CNC Geeks.

Please visit our website and check the updated schedule ...


Oh, you can actually build a CNC there? That is awesome!

Yes we will be building a cnc machine at the event ... we are offering the build plans on cd as well. Visit this page to learn more http://www.cncjamboree.com/CNC_Project_Build.html

We would be glad to have you there ... thank you for the feature.

You may also follow the event at www.Facebook.com/CncJamboree

I'm afraid I don't really "do" FaceBook, but I hope you remember to take photos of the work going on, maybe even get folk to produce an actual instructable during the event (that would be very cool, actually).

There will be lots of pictures and even some video. We will be sure to post a couple of Instructables from this event. The idea of doing one during the event is brilliant.

What a brilliant idea!

If I was still in the country then, I'd be right up for it.