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2012 fischertechnik Fan Convention Erbes-Büdesheim Germany Answered

fischertechnik Fan Convention!

The fischertechnik fan convention will be in Erbes-Büdesheim Germany. This convention (formally held in Moershausen) is the largest convention of ft fans and models in the world!

Saturday, 29.09.2012, 10:00 - 16:00 clock

The fischertechnik fan convention will be at Erbes-Büdesheim , a small village near Alzey near (about 75 k) Frankfurt am Maim in Germany. Knobloch GmbH is hosting this year's convention.

All fischertechnik fans!

If you are interested in what people are developing with fischertechnik, this is the event to attend. German companies Knobloch, LPE, and fischertechnik will have a presence. And for an awesome time, of course!


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verence (author)2012-05-09

Oh well, where to start...?

Well, first the town is Erbes-Büdesheim, that's finished with an 'M' and has the German 'U-Umlaut' instead of a simple 'U' in the middle, making it most probably unpronounceable for native English speakers.

For the picture... well, sorry Oktoberfest-Lovers - while the time is right, Erbes-Büdesheim is about 400km away from Munich. So, if you want to play with FischerTechnik _and_ enjoy those lovely looks of our German offspring, do calculate at least half a day of travelling between the two venues. On the other hand, the Rhine valley is close at hand and a good wine should be easy to come by. [Only, if you are over the legal drinking age of 18, sorry.]

Other than all that, yes, according to the link, there seems to be a FischerTechnik convention.

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ftking_83702 (author)verence2012-05-09


That said...are you going to attend? :^)

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verence (author)ftking_837022012-05-10

No, last time I played with FT a third of a century ago and there's just too much else to do.

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