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230V 3 Phase Motor on 240V Single Phase Supply Answered

I am a ME with very limited knowledge on electrical side of the world.
I have ordered a electric motor from Germany with 240 V assuming it will be single phase.
The motor has rocked up with 230 V winding but 3phase connections.

Is there any chance I can connect this motor to our single phase supply??? 
Any device which will help to use this motor.
Please help.




2 years ago

Just to see what all those connections mean.

Do note, that because of the inaccessible internal connection you cannot use a Delta motor winding.


Where do you live?

10 volts is nothing service can vary by 20 volts.

Some 3 phase motors have 2 wire and 3 wire connection diagrams ether on the maker plate or under the connection box plate.

Open the connection box and see if it has 3, 6, 9, or 12 wires.

3 wires is fixed forward.

6 and up wires is reversible and may be able to convert from a 3 phase line to a 2 phase line depending on where you live.


2 years ago

A friend wound a single phase machine that can best be defined as a phase adder.

Normally the military uses MG (motor=generator) sets.

The phase adder has extra internal winding's which add the two more time displaced phases that let you power your 3-phase motor at the exact frequency.

you will however lose some power.