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240 volt mains power, series, parralel? Answered

say i wired an extension cord from two household power points together how would the output differ?

and say i wired two extension cords from two seperate petrol generators together, would i get 480 v?


If you have an appliance that needs more amperage then what your house breakers can supply through a single connection then you need to call in an electrician to install a higher capacity line. Otherwise you could cause a fire from the cables overheating.

In the USA system, wouldn't you also need to make sure the wires are on the same leg of the transformer, or you'd end up with 220 volts of surprise....

Yeah ? So you deliver 220 0 220 to the house ? I didn't know that. Here, we only generally get 220 0. Three phase to houses is very rare these days.


240 phase to neutral. 415 phase to phase. Still quite a few 3 phase homes here. I was an electrician in a past life, and was called to a home being renovated because fuses were blowing when the main switch was closed. Turns out that the builder had a cable from a power outlet left over after demolishing the wall it was located in, so he rerouted it to the nearest outlet and joined the loose end to it. The two active wires were on different phases. Forget the fact that all the outlets still worked so the loose end could have just been removed. He didn't want to do anything dangerous, so he thought he could just "tie up the loose ends" to make it safe.

Same as the UK, three phase wise, funnily enough ! AFAIK, it permissible to have a three phase house, just rare. Industrial premises ALWAYS have three phase supply.

With AC in 1 you get twice the current capability up to the Max you household system can supply.

In 2 You get the same up tp what the genny set can provide.

If you want 480v then you would have to to take your electricity from 2 different Phases.

The easier way to do it is a 2:1 step up transformer.

1)what, if any,/
tools or appliances, could take advantage of this configuration?

2)are there any examples of uses for doing this?

i am vaguley familiar with transformers, i have looked into what those boxes on power lines are, some sort of transformer i think. and have burnt out an appliance charging transforer by running a 12 volt light with a dimmer on it, cant wait to get into a workshop with electrical capabilites, to gather some more information.

I am unsure of the reasons behind your question - If you tell us more then you can get a more specific answer.

Other then that you need to study some basic electrical theory.