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240vdc to 240vac power generation ? Answered

I’m curious as to why most wind turbines and solar panel inverters generally range from 12-48vdc why cant it just be generated at 240vdc and convert that into 240vac? My understanding is that higher voltage means less current therefore less resistance and heat produced, resulting in a more efficient system. I always hear about inverters generating a lot of heat under load. Does anyone know if this is possible? I'm looking into building a wind turbine to feed power back into the grid, but the cost of inverters are making it an unfeasible project.



Well first think, our houses receive 240V of power from the electric company. (Of course dropped down from 10000) Building a power system that produces that much would cost a lot of time and money for the average citizen. That's why most people use 12V DC motors and battery banks and power only appliances. If you want to power fixtures or AC devices only, there is no way around buying an inverter. But to try and accomplish both 240V and inverting to AC would be a monstrous effort for a DIYer Good luck.

Very few DIY systems have the capacity to generate 240 vac in a usable quantity.  Most systems generate 12-48 volts and can charge a battery bank over time.

Most systems will not continually generate power so without batteries to charge there will be no power in the down time.

Maintaining a system genning 48 volts is very much safer than working on a 240vac system.

There are  lots of off the shelf parts, systems, designs and info available on low volt systems.

and also the size of coils would have to be much bigger therefore making the generator bigger, more expensive and heavier

All good answers, adding up to "It's simpler, easier, cheaper, and generally more practical."