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.2g airsoft bbs curving up Answered

I'm using .2g bbs with my UTG MK23 airsoft pistol, which I have been told are better than the .12g because they will not curve up. Yet when I shoot with the .2g bbs, they still curve way up and I have to aim below my target to hit it. Does anyone know why this might happen and/or how to fix?


I would be amazed if your bb curve in any direction but down (due to gravity) . It is possible to make balls in motion to curve by putting spin onto them but I doubt that this is what is happening with your bb gun. If you find that you have to aim down so that you can hit a target then I would simply adjust your sight so that the crosshairs are moved up a bit. until you start hitting what the targeting sight is looking at. Similarly if you are using a laser spotter then you should aim that slightly up until it points at where your bb are going. Then, the next time you point it at something it will shine onto the point where the bb go.

I thought that that was what the hop up was made for, adding spin to the bullet to get it to curve. I also highly doubt that a pistol uses a sighting system that incorporates crosshairs.

Hey, thanks. This is the same person but I made an account. I just wanted to make sure nothing was horribly wrong- if you guys think it's just a matter of breaking it in, that's not bad. I've only had the gun since June 20th and I have not used it for playing against others yet, so I suppose it's only a matter of time. =)

I have the stinger p9 from crosman. It has full hop up built in, just like your gun, Even with .2s it curves up. What you have to do is take the barrel out and file down the little nub on the inside. that should decrease the hop up.

How long have you owned this gun? Sometimes it just take a while for the hopup system to break itself in. If You've had this gun for a long time, then either figure out a way to fix the hopup, or move up to heavier ammunition such as .25. However, be wary about using heavy ammo, because you will sacrifice FPS for accuracy.