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3 1/6-1 1/3=? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

3 1/6 = 7/6

1 1/3 = 4/3 or 8/6

7/6 - 8/6 = -1/6

That's minus one sixth.

Or is there a rule that we cannot help people with their homework?

Ask me another.

You can help if you wish.  By given them wrong answers, perhaps you're teaching them to do the work themselves and not trust random Internet responses.

The rule about helping others with their homework it that you yourself must know how to do the problem before you try to help others.  Better check your chapter on fractions again.

Fair point - I was wrong.
3 1/6 is indeed not 7/6 - I have no idea where I got that one from - sorry if you used my answer and failed your homework.
3 1/6 is 19/6 so the correct answer is 1 5/6.
Thanks for the best answer vote - I don't really deserve it. But I takes my wins wherever they come from.

Apologies to all my fellow answerers - I will try harder.

Ask me another (if you dare).

> Or is there a rule that we cannot help people with their homework?
.  The unofficial, unspoken rule seems to be that is OK to help, but one shouldn't provide the answers.

The line I usually try to draw is to help them understand the question and point them to how they can work out the answer. (My silly post here actually does answer the question, just not directly.)

On the other hand, I've occasionally been known to post deliberately wrong answers to homework problems. If they can't work out why it's wrong, well, that's what they get for trying to go the lazy route.

(Everyone recognizes homework. We've all done those same problems. )

31/6 = 19/6

11/3 = 4/3 = 8/6

19 - 8 = 11

11/6 = 15/6

Or you could try...

Hee, hee.  Have you noticed that this young woman ("25, female," allegedly) selected the wrong answer as Best?  Seems a most fitting conclusion, to me :-)

31/6 - 11/3 =
31/6 - 22/6 =
9/6 =

Does that help?

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