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3 Prong screw driver Answered

I have a FujiFilm camera that is not working. I want to take it apart, but it has very small triangle screws all over the place. They have only 3 prongs instead of the usual 4. Where can I get a screwdriver for this? Can anyone help with this issue. Thank you


I want to thank everyone who had input to my dilemma. I appreciate all the help I can get.

It's a great site, ordered from many times

Ok. I've read good comments about the site, but that's good to know. Been monitor-shopping there a few times. Time to pull the trigger....

Use a pair of scissors, they're edge will open the screws. ( I learned this from Mc Donnalds toys. They have such cool parts.)

If somebody ever started selling a screwdriver to fit McD & BK toys, they'd make a fortune!

Or you could be evil or stupid or lazy (like me) and go to Radio Shack.