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3-month pro membership coupon Answered

I've got a 3-month pro membership coupon to give away.
I paid for 2 years, so I don't need it right now.

So - make your pitches.

Offer concluded at the weekend:

Uh, I got another, so I made a 0.5s snap-decision, and gave it to Michel.


I didn't care what the reasoning was, but remember that I'm old and have a warped-sense of humour.



Thank you so much Lemonie!

I'm very gratefull that you gave it to me :)

I have one more examn tomorrow and then I'm off building stuff and making ibles ^^

And this will really encourage me to make some awesome projects :D

Thanks again,


Hay, you've got that little "Pro" tag now... You're welcome, as I said - snap-decision, no deliberation.



Well that's a sound reason, formally known as... (damn, I can't remember now) L

Nepotism, but only if you two are dating...

.and that's all relative depending if you are in AK, YMMV.

Aww, but you'd make such a lovely couple ;-)

I can has?

Awww...somebody misspelled "haz". :-D

:-D Well, you haz to ask Lemonie :-) If the whale works, congratulations! If not, I guess it was a .... wait for it ... Fail Whale.

that would make a tale... I do appreciate the cartoonannotation though.

You might say a whale of a tale.....or a whale tail, but only if you tailor it to the subject at hand.....whereas a whale in the hand is worth two in the back yard pool....ok, I'll stop now.

That doesn't sound safe.....so it can't be "fail safe" either.

Does you wants? You've produced some good stuff, but Michel
comes across as more needy at the moment...


Me want. You give me token, I give you...hmmm... Picture of whale? You can have all the rights and stuff If michel can beat that, I'll raise the offer to something more tangible XD


Oh I can one up you on this...

Behold! Super Whale!

Your move... :D

Super whale.jpg

I'll offer a bracelet for the token!

You're on if it's that glass.


I counter with my "plunger of doom" head sword

En garde ya scurvy beast!

en garde.jpg

Like all problems in live, this one can be solved by bending!

bender bending narwhal.jpg

With a little help from robot santa ofcourse!

(For you who have not watched the futurama episodes (shame on you) this one is from "a tale of two santa's" bender get's sentenced to death for being santa (santa in the futurama universe is a crazy robot who thinks all people are naughty and should be punished) so he's sentenced to death by the "magneto executioner" but he's saved just in time by the real santa :D

So what you thought of already happend :p

santa to the rescue.jpg

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! MY NARWAL ARMY! I will offer... a bracelet of glass beads for the token! (I made it with bottle glass)

:D I must say whoever wins iti will be worth it :D I always liked "kill the picture above you" threads and this was a good one :D Especially if you can include futurama in it, that show is just the best show around ^^

You've hit upon something there...

I want the fn membership. 

The puppies are going to cry if you don't give it to me...they are already starting to whimper :(


4 week bskt of puppies.jpg

mm, but what are you going to do to the puppies if I don'...t? L

Nothing...they are to fn cute...or maybe I could send them across the pond and let them make your yard their own personal "loo".

And you can't deny Gollum of his precious pro membership..urmm...well icon.


How do I not deserve the 3 month pro membership...?!?

I see a 100% Featured on your page (but only 3 I'bles). Answered qu-est'ions too, and I've seen you around.
A Pro-membership, hard to argue, the membership - you're in with the rest.


*zoidberg accent*
A free membership? Gimme that! Woobwoobwoobwoobwoob! (eats pro membership coupon)
*quits zoidberg accent*

Very Lame pitch I know but I'm hoping you're malfunctioning so bad that you"ll give me the subscription anyway. Then there will be no dogfood for Victor... ehr Michel tonight!

Other then that I can give you the link to a website that is holding a countdown to the new futurama season (I follow it religiously) by showing one piece of art, episode each and every workday t'ill the season start :) (but you probably know this site already)

The site is: http://ccinsider.comedycentral.com/2010/06/01/countdown-to-futurama-bender-and-roberto-in-jail/