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3 wires problem need connected in order then remove one and reconect all three again Answered


The red one, it's the red one. cut the RED one . . . NO! NO! THE BLU*BOOM*

Marking the order on a piece of masking tape wrapped around each wire works wonders.

No - a single DPDT switch is not enough.  You can do it with two SPST switches and a push button (to crank), although the 'startup sequence' is a bit 50's sci-fi film-ish.

2 switches with top end of both connected to A.
Other pole of SW1 to B (aux), other pole of SW2 to C (ignition).

Ignition sequence . . .
1) SW1 ON          (Aux on)
2) SW2 ON          (Ignition on)
3) SW1 OFF         (Disconnect aux)
4) Press START (push button)
5) SW2 ON          (Reconnect aux)

The neater way, as Steve says, is with a bit of logic and a couple of relays.

(I was joking about the hot-wiring earlier - It's not a sign of a mis-spent youth . . . honestly #;¬)

Hot wiring a 101Fc landrover uses a starting handle. Have you any IDEA how hard it is to crank a V8 by hand......

That is a beast of a vehicle, Steve.  Even with the LPG conversion, running costs must be horrendous, but I should think it's worth it for the buzz of driving it.

It "feels" like about 30MPG on the pocket, on LPG, but you can't get out of it without grinning like an idiot

 . . . although if you're starting the car immediately, you could forget the initial SW! ON, just turn on SW2, press the starter and then turn on SW1. (Unless the immobiliser etc needs AUX first.)

Yes, one switch is just "ignition on". The other could be a (on)-off-on ?

so you want to press a key combination...

You could use a decade counter with a pile of diodes...
or a microcontroller
or entirely in software with a computer (presuming this is a keyboard combination).

What EXACTLY do you want to do?

As you describe, say the wires are A B and C...
that's connect A B C, then remove A, then connect all 3 again?! B and C are still connected...

Unless you mean AB then BC then CA...repeat. again, be specific.

Its for a push button start, I have already bypassed the gm keying system on my car (people say u gotta have the key. I don't), I hot wire to start it now(faulty ignation issues, been told it happens a lot on cobalts) I just can't see spending 300 to 400 dollars to buy a push button start, I could go to the starter but I want to attempt not to.
A to B then add C then remove B, then after crank add B back for aux controls

You may be able to do this with a double pole ON-OFF-ON switch and a push-button (for the crank).  Don't have time to work out the details now but will post back tomorrow if not answered.
(Are A & B always connected together at the start, or just for the starting operation?)

Just for starting opperation b controls aux at start

0 0 0 off
0 1 1
1 1 1 cranking
1 0 1
1 1 1

... you need some logic chips and a couple of relays.

HTF do you deduce that, on the evidence presented ;-)

lol - how many 'wires' in life REALLY need to be connected in order, a specific order (enough to be hardwired), and likely repeatable (hence the hardwire).

...and we routinely get asked how to cheat/do key combo macros for games - but most people don't know the word 'macro' in terms of keyboard automation so they describe it in simplified terms.

Alternatively, he may be hot-wiring a car.

If he didn't get it running he may be too 'detained' elsewhere to give us more details.

Take a photograph BEFORE you disconnect.

Yet again someone expecting clairvoyance!

& it's not even a question.


5 years ago

if you have only removed one why do the others need to be connected again?