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|337 5p34k f0n7! Answered

1 f0und 4 f0n7 4dd0n f0r f1r3f0x 7h47 (h4n635 3v3ry7h1n6 70 |337 5p34k, 15n7 17 4w350m3!
I found a font addon for firefox that changes everything to l337 speakm isnt it awesome!

It's called leet key, tell me what you think of it.


|\/|¥ £337 p\/\/|\|$ ¥0µ®$

0h r34||y... y34h 17 pr0848|y d035 8u7 wh05 (0un71n6 17 d0n7 r34||y m4773r 7h47 mu(h

1nd33d 7h3 pr3v10u5 (0mm3n7 m4y 1n(urr 7h3 4(7 0f |0|1n6

It takes a while to read it. I figure it out in 5 mins.

Gah! Attack of the serial numbers! *runs*

run run |177|3 p3rdu3(3r 4nd n3v3r r37urn 70 7h15 p|4(3, y0u 4r3 n0 |0n63r w3|(0m3!!!