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35 mm film belt Answered

i work at a movie theater, and we always have old pieces of the film strips. lately i've been considering making some of this old film strip into a belt, by laying it on top of the other pieces and weaving thread into the little holes on the edges.
but i've been thinking about how i'd attach a belt buckle, or anything to clip it together for that matter. anyone have any ideas how i could do this?


I was kind of in the same mind set at redneck engineer. I was thinking about if you had a leather belt and cut out the center of it and then sew in the film strip so you would have a thin piece of leather, film strip, another thin piece of leather. You could leave the buckle on the belt aswell as holes for it to go through. You would only have the film going around 3/4 of it but it would still look cool.

I think I'd attach a clip, rather than a buckle, because buckles need holes in the belt, and holes would weaken the film and start rips.

To fasten the clip, I would thread the film through the clip, bend it over, and "sew" the two layers of film together through the sprocket-holes, say with 2mm paracord.

I might even consider threading the cord along the full length of the belt to add some strength, as the tape was not designed to take the twisting and side-ways bending forces of being a belt.

Oh, and you might want to cover the clip with something like a clapper-board.

You could get a white leather belt then mount the film strip to it. That way you have the strength of the leather and with the white background be able to see each frame of the movie on the strip. Sounds pretty cool really. I bet if you had some well known or popular movies to use, you could sell them to collectors or fans. Think of how much a rabid Twilight fan would pay for a bunch of frames of Edward or whoever. You could be rolling in the dough!