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3.5 mm in line microphone / headphones splitter? Answered

I have got a pair of Sony MDR-1R headphones and a pair or Sennheiser MM30i earbuds, both featuring an in-line remote and mic. 

The question I have is: does anybody know if there are some kind of splitters to split the cable in audio and microphone jacks to plug in my laptop? I'd like to use the mic on the cable, rather than the one built in my computer or, worse, wearing skype headphones just to pick up a call..

Thanks in advance!

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mh76dkBest Answer (author)2014-10-07




I didnt find any "cheap non-name" options that explicitly mentions being a mic/head to mic and headphone y-splitter. Admittedly I did not spend way too much time searching.

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