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360 fan motor? Answered

I have a junk Xbox 360, or 3, and I am wondering about the fans. First off, does anyone know how to get the motor out without destroying anything? Secondly, does anyone know if these motors are permanent magnet motors or not? And how would I be able to test it without a voltage meter? would a small flashlight light work?


They're PM, brushless motors, the blades are usually built into the motor case.


I have recently found out that the blades are that holds the magnet in place and without the blades the motor is useless... lol it took the hard road to figure that out

Hmm, it sounds like you didn't wait for answers, and didn't get the motor out while destroying it..?


a little slow on response. I did get the motor out while destroying everything else, but in trying to remove the fan blades i destroyed the entire motor.

I have quite a few... i have 5-6 junk 360s so yea i have more fans

lol, i was in the middle of working on it when i posted it, and just wanted to see which way of learning was faster... it was the hands on approach... it just took me a few minutes to quit being pissed that i destroyed the fan motor before i checked for answers