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3D Computer Modeling Answered

I would like to make a short video with some basic CGI in it. Basically I just want to overlay a moving 3D model (Possibly a flying creature) onto some prerecorded video.  Can anyone recommend an easy program I can use to make a moving 3D model? I tried Blender but it is too complicated, so if you could recommend a simple editor that would be great.




Best Answer 8 years ago

Well, I've had pretty good experience with Blender, and it's the only free program that I know of that is capable of doing what you've suggested. It may be complicated at first, but you'll get used to it eventually.

Well, does EVERY model made in Blender start with that cube, whitch you addon more and more segments to finally make the figure you want?

Not always. If you don't wish to use the cube, you can delete it (x > enter)  and add a different item (space bar > add> mesh > choose your shape).

i have used wax 2.0. it is brilliant. just drop your video into a lower track and then drop a picture into the upper track and add the 3d model loader plugin. get your model in 3ds format this can be done using babel3d.com first ten conversions free no personal details required and then place the 3ds file in a folder with it's textures. then open the 3ds file in the 3d modl loader plugin and keyframe to make it fly around. you will not be able to flap the wings with this software unless they are a separate model. hope this helps.

Blender is slow on my computer every so often it freezes any ideas on what to do?

try 3D Studio max. I know its not free but trail ver would do ur project very easy to learn and use as compare to other softwares.. Give it a try u'll like it

Did you try Google Sketchup?  I have no idea whether it does animation or not, but you could find out for yourself.

Doing 3D animation is intrinsically complicated; if you don't like the complications, you may need to find another artistic outlet.  Blender is supposed to be one of the simplest rendering/animation systems available.

I have tried Google Sketchup but it seems to be more of arcatechual software.

I know 3D animation is always very difficult but I would like software that has lots of tutorials and downloadable examples or user generated 3D files.
Also, Blender seems to be more useful in game design as well as video.

I was thinking of something where I can make a wire skeleton with joints, animate it, and then add mass and texture. I know stuff like that exists somewhere.

And performance requirements don’t really matter, my computer can handle (almost) anything.

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