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3D Model Design? Answered


Just looking through this class. I'm just getting into 3D printing after building a Vector 3 3D printer from the Eaglemoss part work.

I'm trying to make a model of an end cap for a UPVC window cill. I am struggling with Tinkercad, I don't have much experience of 3D design. I'm essentially trying to create a shape similar to the one in the photos I've attached. I'm struggling to create a rounded corner using Tinkercad. I've tried with Fusion 360 too as that was recommended but that seems way out of my depth at the moment.

The sleeve I can create, it's just the triangular part with the rounded corner.

Any ideas?


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JON-A-TRONBest Answer (author)2017-08-20

Here's a good video on how to get rounded edges:

I would recommend going through the class and doing the lessons. They'll help you get used to how the program works and scaffold your knowledge so that you can make your own work.

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