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3D Printer Anet a8 Answered


My name is Frank user name is (56Frank)

I just completed building Anet A8 3D printer.

If anyone out there own or uses a 3D printer, I could use some help.

I have no experience with 3D printer other than building one.

The question is:

What software would be good to start whit?

And if I like working with the 3D printer, which software can I get to learn how to draw in 3D to print objects.

Thank you

Frank G.


Hi! petercd

Seen it on U-tube, look interesting

I may try it, soon.



As this is an Autodesk site I would suggest Fusion 360, you can get a free copy Google it

Oh sure there is Rick

- you just have to have a decade of experience using it ;)

Hi! seandogue

Don't look like there is, that is in the RepRap.



Hi! rickharris

Sorry but I don't know what that is.




Sorry I did'nt get back sooner.

I'm sort of new at this, and out of town. I'. in San Jose Ca, But live in Clovis Ca

I thank you all for responding, rickharris seandogue and petercd.

Whats with no capital letters!

Anyway thanks, I currently have Cura 14.07 which was suggested by Anet people.

But I think I be getting Slic3r next, depending on how everything come out.

I'll let you know how thing work.