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3D printed shoes Answered

3D printers are pretty awesome tools for prototyping objects. Now some people are also using hem to make shoes. People who like going clubbing with yellow skinpaint, apparently.

Goofy shot aside, it's an interesting use since you can customize the shoe for your foot perfectly, but the look of something that's 3D printed will likely get old quickly.




8 years ago

But why colour the person yellow?

Because they can.
If you could, you should.

What about Carbon Fiber? I'm sure it can be done!

Fast Ed

sweet pumps

 I've seen a person standing on a 3d printed model but I wouldn't recomend this as a production solution.


8 years ago

The price of RP won't out weight the benefit of form fitted shoes, those heels probably cost about $800. (assuming SLS Polyamide, what it looks like)

On the side: you can print with the 3d printer then cast with metal so strength wouldn't be an issue . . . only weight


No shot of them being walked in?

Cool as they look, what kind of plastic are they printed from?  How strong is it?

Wikipedia says SLS can be used on polymers, including nylon and polystyrene.

I can't think - does that make these strong enough to use, or weak enough to sag when you stand up?

SLS can be used on just about any meltable powder. Considering the amount of money involved in the "fashion" industry, it's a shame they didn't push the envelope and print these out of bronze or stainless steel.

Solid bronze shoes? Ouch.

Personally I love the spindly hollow interiors- they look a bit like bird bones or something to me, very "organic".

No, not solid bronze, using SLS they could have printed the very same design from bronze (with a honeycomb interior to the solid segment to reduce weight).  Really it's fashion, comfort is not in the equation.

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