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3d computer generated sculpture Answered

hey guys im reading this sci-fi novel. "Spook Country" there is a cool idea in it. the technology sounds just possible. A computer games artist has made a three d picture of the dead river phoenix which can be viewed via a helmet and uses gps to have the image only appear when you stand near where he died.So you can walk around the non-existen dead actors body..What a notion. Is it possible.


devleopment and deployment aside say this ws a actual product you would probally use frequencys or a decode number to relay and id info from helmet to spot such as you were your VR googles (who wants a helmet anyways?) and if your near a posted/advertised VR enviroment/simulation you enter the channel # your googles chip is now intune and locked in to receive the transmitted data save it as a favorite? block the burger king spam transmitter by your house? block all un-requested channels? accept all? hmmm.... the whole new world... oh yhea receiver ocular implants too lets lose the googles... but this would proablly include Highly evolved IR transmit/receive technologys collectivly evolved and developed by the masses of yet to be programmers! sounds cool though

bloody hell thats wonderful. the talent required for this is beyond my ken

Patrik..the wii notion is good. I suppose if there was some antenna set up on the spot to mark the location. Maybe a musical note that beeped when you were in position. Hmmm im thinking of virtual tourism. A historical site ,say, from the civil war...Put the goggles on and see General Lees army set up for battle on the site where it happened


10 years ago

Sounds feasible. Of course, GPS alone won't give you enough resolution - that'll only identify your location up to a few feet at best. That means you would see the location of the body move around by a few feet as you look at it. You may be able augment this by using accelerometers to track your own movement - that way, you could averege out the GPS signal and get a much finer resolution. There's also location sensors that have much higher resolution than GPS, of course. Hmm... wii strapped to a set of VR goggles? Now there's an idea!