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3d modeled figurine of my Mass Effect 2/3 custom character? Answered

Ok, I'll probably be one of the first to admit it's a bit childish, geeky, and frivolous, but I've really been looking for a way to get my custom character from the Mass Effect games OFF of the tv screen, and ONTO my bookshelf... I was considering using 123d catch and screencap the character from multiple views, but that would only get me standing views of the character. I want a figurine holding a Geth sniper rifle, and looking bad@$$... anybody have any ideas/sources?


Get your character to pose how you want them then take all the 123D CAD snapshots you can to create a 3D model for printing.

That wont work. The only way i can get different angles of my character is if all the weapons are holstered. Any time i'm holding or aiming my gun, the character moves with the camera; but when they're in their back holsters, i can rotate the camera to any angle about the character...

Since its not a multi player game you won't be able to get any action shots.