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3d printed PCB Answered

I was wondering if you could make 3d printed circuit boards using an arc welder of electroplating method by connecting a copper "welding stick" to the extruder and a ground clip to the board.

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oldmicah (author)2013-01-27

Should feasible to print circuitry, but I'm not sure how conductive/ fine a trace you will be able to lay down. People have been swapping out print heads for a few years, even doing crazy things like printing chocolate. i.e. Moving the tip around is feasible, but isolating it is going to be a bear..

The rep rap guys have been playing with this for a while, so you may want to spend some time on thier blog. http://blog.reprap.org/2012/04/some-more-printed-circuitry.html?m=1 . Even if you dont want to take that route, they are working through a lot of the same challenges you'll probably face. What they are pulling off just blows my mind.

Good luck and let us know how it works out.

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