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3d printer? Answered

Two ideas wondering what people think....

1. Have the up/down bed for a 3d printer go up and down with water... Just have a little valve that lets water out and the printing bed would slowly lower. At whatever speed you wanted. Could work the other way and fill up.

2. Have the extruded plastic print into water... it would cool instantly and might help with resolution?

Just an idea. 

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bwrussell (author)2013-06-19

The beds of most extruded plastic 3D printers are actually heated to keep the plastic from completely setting. If it cooled immediately then the layers won't bond and the print won't stick to the plate. There's also the issue of water proofing the print head and having the strand cool while it is still in the head. I'm pretty certain it wouldn't work with most extruded plastic systems. Resolution is effected by a number of factors: x/y/z movement resolution and speed, material thickness, model and material quality, and maintaining the proper temperature are some of the big ones.

Using a pneumatic system for the print bed is interesting. How tightly can you control the descent? 3D printer z axis don't move at a constant rate, they jump down one z-thickness between every print layer and then need to stop while the next layer prints. You would also need to tie the valve/pump into the brains of the printer because the time between z-axis steps is not constant while printing.

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rickharris (author)2013-06-19

Try it and let us know.

PS a lot of plastic floats

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