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4 way spekaers. is the xover schematic correct? Answered

Picture of

My supplies
A Tweeter with a frequency response of 20 KHz ~ 40 KHz, 8Ohms, 75Watts RMS/3000Watts Max, and Sensitivity of 105dB.
A 4” Subwoofer with frequency response of 25Hz ~ 160Hz, 4Ohms and 25 Watts RMS
Two 4” Full Range Speakers of 4Ohms and 5 Watt RMS

Is the schematic mentioned in the pic is a suitable xover for my system
please clear the nearest values to me

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-07-25

Looks fine.

As for the nearest value go with what you can find. Check major parts suppliers like Mouser and see if you can get the exact values.

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