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403 error why? Answered

In this instructable


I get this message

Above the first step - I don't see anything odd there when I edit the instructable Strange.

Any ideas?


The Instructables server was not healthy on Friday. I'm not sure when they fixed it, but odds are that's what was biting you.


7 years ago

I noticed that is appearing on all your instructables. You must have some script or text that used to appear on them that is now not allowed.

Thanks I hadn't noticed it an all of them - Honest it's not a ploy to put up my hit rate! :-) I have registered the bug.

No offense or anything, bu this should really be in the bugs section of the forums (Top-Right of the page).

Thanks - I will leave it - The instructable is as it should be and the error perhaps adds a little mystery!

your right about reporting the bug but I had hoped someone from inst may answer me

Interesting, some bit o'dodgy-script I think.
Have you tried a minor-edit & save?



7 years ago

I would suggest that you just delete it and start over. If it did get corrupted when the server was flaky you might not be able to fix it. So now that everything is running smoothly just do it over.
I appears you don't have to much into yet, so its not a big time loss.
I started copying all my text and pasting it into notepad and saving it as a just in case procedure. I don't trust web applications.