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4th Generation Ipod Flash Hack Answered

I am attempting to hack my 4th generation Ipod classic following this instructable. I have assembled everything and when I connect the ipod to the computer the ipod cycles betwen the apple logo (booting), corrupt file logo, and disk mode. Neither my computer or Itunes will recognize the ipod.

I am using a DealExtreme 1.8 to cf adapter
and a Kingston 512mb cf card (decided to test with it before I invest in a larger one)

How can I solve this problem?
Is the CF card I am using too small to work on the ipod (it was originally a 20gb)

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andy70707 (author)2011-07-12

I'm guessing 512mb is too small. It will probably only work on original firmware with a CF card similar size to the storage capacity of the iPod. You can probably find them pretty cheap, you can get a 4gb microSD card for about £4 on eBay, so I would imagine CF cards would be similar, or if not, a DX CF-microSD card adapter, but it may not work as I think it requires an active adapter as opposed to the passive CF-IDE.

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lemonie (author)2011-07-11

Did you look at the comments on that page?
Try messaging burf who reported that it worked.


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