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$50: Dewalt Drill and Instructables Prize Pack Answered

Hi Folks

I won a 2nd place prize in the Instructables Plywood contest, which is:

Second Prize (5)
Five Second Prize winners will receive:
a DEWALT DWD112 8.0 Amp 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Drill with Keyless All-Metal Chuck
an Instructables prize pack including a robot t-shirt

Estimated Value: $85.00

Unfortunately I cannot use the drill, since it is 110V and South Africa uses 220V.

I would like to swap it for a $50 Shapeways/Amazon voucher  (that's easier than sending cash). I have already confirmed that the good folk at Instructables will happily ship the package directly to you once I put your details in the claim form.

I'm negotiable though, make an offer ;-)


I have a 50$ 3D hubs gift card that I'm willing to trade for the drill.

Sure, why not :-) I see you have won competitions before, so you know all the info that I need to send the prizepack your way. You can Private message it to me, when you get the shipment notification you can send me the voucher.

Okay, I just private messaged you with the information and I'll send you the voucher code when I get the shipping notification. Thanks!

I filled in the form yesterday with your details, so I guess you will get notification of shipment soon.