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500 fps airsoft gun Answered

I just got a brand new custom airsoft ak-47 that shoots at 500 fps. I need ideas of things to do with it then dominate with it in a war.



6 years ago

Was this chrono'd, or what it said on the box?


7 years ago

i got mine and its 200 fps

i got an AK-47 with 450-500 fps. usualy, 300-450 fps is good for an airsoft war (unless it's a sniper, then 500- 550 fps is good).

i kno u can give it to me

First of all, find some people who actually want to play with you when you use that gun, also tell people, if they don't want to play with that kind of gun, convince them that its only about 350fps. Then also get a magnifying scope and bipod so you can be a Kick*

Are you sure it won't? You probably already know that the AK optical mount is actually a thin rail located on the left side of the rifle just opposite of the charging handle. An optical plate mounts to that little rail. This plate will put a rail right over your sights. Problem is, not all AK models have that optical mount. Just thought I'd make sure you already checked.

Actually, that rail is closer to being directly opposite your selector swich. Like I said, it is thin and appears to have no function what so ever. By the way, what brand is that? Looks like an ICS, but the mag looks like an UTG mag.

I dont know what the brand is, all I know is that it is cool, and it can shoot fast and hard

Was that advertised fps or did you acctually crony it? If you can find anyone willing to let you use it then good luck. That said: In order to dominate, get a drum mag and a really big battery. This will give you a high ROF and lots of ammo. Its the ultimate support gun(or otherwise)