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555 timer cicuit Answered

Hello guys I have a minor problem,

I built a 555 timer circuit and it runs off of 6v. My plan is to use a 9v battery. Will the project be OK or will I need to drop the voltage and how would I go about that? Would I connect a resistor to the positive of the battery then to my project's input?



Most 555 timers can handle a max of 18V. 9V won't be a problem.

No the timer is not the problem. My WHOLE project (LEDs, lights, and a speaker) with their resistors are configured with a 6v source. How can I drop it from 9v to 6v? Just tell for future projects. I just want to know how to do it. Can you point me to a website that'll so me how to do it or an instrucable?

9V isn't going to hurt anything. Just check the LED calc for the best resistor to use with your LED and a 9V power source. The speaker should be fine but will be louder. 

If you want to learn how to regulate voltages then look up the data sheet on an LM317 adjustable voltage regulator. 


5 years ago

9V can't supply much current, so if things stop working, that might be the problem.

also, a single resistor will only limit current. You want two resistors to form a voltage divider. As mpilchfamily says, this is probably not necessary.